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Surgical uses of VELCRO® Brand technology

Posted on Wed, Dec 02, 2015

VELCRO® Brand technology is used with a wide range of medical devices and equipment. Look around the operating room and you will find VELCRO® Brand products everywhere. From high tech robotics equipment and central line binding and suspension to disposable drapes and surgical attire.  VELCRO® Brand products held together a human heart during the first artificial heart surgery!

Disposable Products
Disposable fasteners and closures can be found in IV kits, on patient gowns and on surgical drapes, masks and attire. Disposable straps and hooks can also be found on tracheostomy tubes and apnea headgear. Disposable is often less expensive and safer for patients as well as for the staff.

Patient Positioning
Positioning of patients during surgery can be as important as the surgery itself. We know that good pre-surgical assessments of a patient’s range of motion and preexisting illnesses can go a long way in preventing peripheral nerve injuries and hyper-extension injuries. Positioning wedges can be used with VELCRO® Brand self-adhering straps or hooks and straps as needed. Most surgical tables also have hook and loop straps and fasteners connected to the table.

Creating surgical fasteners and straps
Gelicher’s advanced Clean Room facility uses anti-microbial formulas to convert safe and durable solutions for medical applications without risk of bacteria.

Designs created by medical industries with Gleicher
Gleicher engineers use your measurement and shape requests and talk to you about strap and fastener classes and grades. The class and grade details will give the engineers the specifications for things like material softness, durability (pounds of pressure expected) and flexibility.

They will also help you select the most appropriate fabric. Fabrics such as polyester or durable nylon.

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Gleicher is an elite VELCRO® 'Preferred Converter' Distributor utilizing lasers, rotary and die cutting presses to expertly cut to size a wide variety of VELCRO® Brand materials.

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