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Posted on Wed, Mar 15, 2023


Gleicher customers often look to us to supply them with a custom solution from our wide range of fastening and converting capabilities. These may involve relatively basic shapes, such as circles and strips, or other configurations that are far more complex in shape, adhesive, and design. Sometimes, a solution is requested for a unique application where reclose-ability is not even part of the requirement. Solving unusual challenges like these are among the things we do better than just about anyone else. 

Our team of experts understand what is required to help you make the Right Choice. For example, we determine the best converting approach to achieve the ideal solution, whether this involves laser cutting, die-cutting, laminating, or some combination of converting processes. We also review other factors that may be involved in your project, such as environmental conditions, product use, and product lifecycle. This ensures the correct configuration and size, and that the proper adhesives and materials have also been chosen. Not only will you have the right shape needed for the application, but the right performance characteristics as well.

Here are three examples of unique applications that were non-reclosing: 


Electronic and computer equipment can frequently be prone to BSR. Conditions like these can create a variety of issues over time, such as a decrease in equipment performance and integrity, and the breakdown of fragile components. This can often occur in automotive, marine, and aerospace settings. A very thin profile loop part of a hook-and-loop fastener applied with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing inside a device adjacent to the vibratory element will serve to dampen and minimize BSR to optimize equipment performance. In locations where it is clearly visible, the reclosable loop part can also be viewed as an aesthetic feature when applied accordingly.  


Tactile sensations have been shown to produce a calm and relaxing effect, particularly with young children. Sometimes referred to as “fidget strips” or “calm strips,” soft VELCRO® loop strips can be applied to the underside of desks, chairs, tables, computer desks, inside backpack pockets, on seatbelts, the back of smartphones, and many other places with an adhesive material suitable for the surface material. When touched, scratched, or picked at, the textured surface can reduce restless energy, increase focus, and minimize stress levels. 


Driver-side sun visors often feature a vanity mirror with a spring-loaded cover that snaps closed with considerable force and a sharp, loud sound. To eliminate the sharp, unpleasant noise and minimize potential damage that might occur to the mirror and visor frame through repeated use, small loop strips are applied at critical contact points using a pressure sensitive adhesive backing suitable for the material, environmental conditions, and lifecycle of the part. This feature also creates enough friction to prevent the mirror from moving in transit. 

If you have the need for unique fastener applications, reclosing or non-reclosing, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and design the ideal solution for your specific needs. You can reach a Gleicher fastener solutions specialist with your questions at 908-233-2211 or email

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