Your ideal reclosable fastener? The Right Choice starts with these ten checkpoints.

Posted on Wed, Apr 12, 2023




The good news:  With a virtually unlimited range of options to choose from, finding the perfect reclosable solution is virtually guaranteed. The not-so-good news: With the multitude of fastener and adhesive choices available, specifying the Right Choice for your application can be a challenge.


Customers regularly approach us to guide them to their Right Choice and supply them with a customized reclosable solution from our wide range of available fastening options and converting capabilities.


Our team of reclosable experts excel at solving complex fastening challenges. They understand the myriad of performance and other requirements that must be satisfied to guide our customers to the best possible solution. And the requirements cannot be evaluated in silos; they must be given consideration in a holistic manner by factoring in its use, application, lifespan, environmental conditions, and many other performance criteria.


Evaluating reclosable requirements to arrive at the Right Choice begins with understanding these 10 critical checkpoints:

  1. Product function
  2. Product lifespan
  3. Product size, shape, and construction
  4. Adhesive properties
  5. Fastening strength
  6. Life cycle
  7. End user interface
  8. Aesthetics
  9. Application method
  10. Environmental conditions 

Here are three examples that demonstrate these checkpoints in practice to arrive at a Right Choice reclosable solution:




Mounted on the interior surface of a vehicle’s windshield, transponders (such as E-ZPass®) require an adhesive solution that will withstand vehicle vibration and temperature extremes, while offering UV resistance to sunlight over many years of use. The size and shape of the reclosable fastener itself is generally limited by the size and shape of the transponder. It must also be thick enough to allow airflow and prevent windshield icing. The right solution requires the perfect blend of fastener and adhesive performance characteristics that properly adhere to the rigid glass windshield and plastic transponder shell.




Reclosable, rigid binders that house residential decorator samples such as tile, fabric, or flooring can be bulky and heavy, requiring a strong and dependable fastening solution that combines reliable protection when the cover is closed, and easy access upon opening. Under conditions like these, a hook-and-loop solution may not offer sufficient strength to maintain closure, and a more rigid and thicker grade of a reclosable fastener, with a sufficiently strong adhesive attachment, would be required.


Reclosable fasteners do not always have to be perfectly mated to achieve proper closure. Typically, a reclosable fastener solution utilizes two components of the same size, but there are circumstances such as with a medical brace, where the best solution has components of different sizes. In this example, a component on one surface may not always return to the same closure position. The answer would be to put a ¾” hook coin on the molded brace and use a longer strip of loop on the strap to provide adjustability for the user, so closure can still be effectively made even when a slight alignment shift occurs. Another scenario might be when the closure strength of two mated components could potentially damage the product or device because of the force exerted when opening. Instead of using two ¾” diameter components, maybe the better option would be to use one ½” and one ¾” to reduce the overall peel, tensile, and sheer forces to the right amount for the needed application.

If you have the need for a reclosable solution that’s “just right,” we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and convert the ideal solution for your specific needs. You can reach a Gleicher fastener solutions specialist with your questions at 908-233-2211 or email


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