Gleicher and 3M: Partners in Medical Device Innovation

Gleicher's partnership with 3M delivers advanced Medical Device Solutions

In an era of rapid medical advances, you can’t be constrained by old-school fastening methods that weigh down your product and limit its flexibility and design options.

Today’s 3M attachment and fastening solutions

help you bring your innovative designs to life. 

3M’s technological advances have produced adhesives that can stand up to the multitude of design challenges that face the medical industry. Whether you’re looking for structural, non-structural or pressure-sensitive adhesives, Gleicher Manufacturing can help you find the product that’s right for your application.

Say goodbye to rivets and holes

Holes produce non-uniform bonds, created leaks, encouraged corrosion, and yielded clunky, inflexible designs. Modern structural adhesives that use epoxies, acrylics or urethanes are designed to withstand heavy loads and 3M non-structural and pressure-sensitive adhesives, create tenacious bonds that retain flexibility.

If you need your product to adhere to demanding specifications, you face a special set of challenges. Gleicher can help you select the right 3M product that will not only adhere properly but meet applicable ISO guidelines.

Unsure about what type of fastener or adhesive is best for your application?

Call Gleicher. We're one of only 25 3M Preferred Converters in the country. That proves we understand your medical-device needs and we’ve got the experience to help you select the right product, one that will overcome regulatory and design challenges.

Start a conversation with Gleicher experts early, ideally during R&D and make 3M and Gleicher your partner in healthcare innovation. 3M is that supplier, and Gleicher is the converter that will be sure the applications are the right ones. Use the form to the right or Contact Us.