Healthcare and Medical Device Assemblies

For nearly half a century healthcare providers have trusted Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation to provide them with high-quality attachment and fastening solutions.

Whether you need a single-use disposable product or one that is reusable to stand up over time, Gleicher can help you find the solution you need. We offer “Best-in-Class” products that can be custom cut to fit your application.

Benefit from the knowledge we’ve compiled over half a century working as one of only 25 3M Preferred Converters in the country. We know the medical industry. And we know that patient comfort is a priority when you’re designing for healthcare. 

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This is particularly true when it comes to stick-to-skin products, such as adhesive tape to secure tubing, dressings or devices, which must be both durable and gentle—even when used on patients with fragile or at-risk skin. 3M™ Medical Tapes offer a wide range of choices from hypoallergenic and latex-free* medical adhesive tapes to the new generation, 3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape. Find out more about 3M's solutions here.

Start a conversation with Gelicher experts early, ideally during R&D, so they can help you not only match the right product to your application, but also one that meets exacting regulatory and safety standards. Our experts can also ensure that you get the right product to stand up to the rigors of a medical application, such as those that withstand moist skin conditions, such as Velcro Industries, EVAPTEX® fabric, which wicks away moisture keeping skin dry.

VELCRO® Brand also offers Double-Faced Loops designed for applications in orthopedics, sport bracing, positioning straps in surgical environments and knit nylon loops used to create everything from disposable products to high strength fabricated straps. VELCRO® Brand SHEAR-GRIP® Fastening System is another great product that uses a nonwoven loop design to maximize peel and shear performance, which make it softer and more comfortable for the patient.

Click here for VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Guide.

Start your conversation with Gleicher today and let us be your partner in healthcare innovation.

Product Technologies

  • Hydrophilic Technologies
  • Absorbent Hydrocolloids
  • Bioassay Compatible Adhesives
  • Medical Grade Tape
  • Medical Products
  • Medical Tape
  • Skin Tape
  • Self-Wound Tapes
  • Surgical Tape
  • Sealing Tapes
  • Medical Adhesive Tape
  • Acrylic / Porous Acrylic


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