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Plan for exposures when using VELCRO® Brand re-closable fasteners

Posted on Tue, Dec 01, 2015

 Several VELCRO® Brand woven re-closable fasteners can be selected for use in hot, cold or wet conditions. Fasteners are used on  logo-velcro.jpgfootwear, clothing, tactical apparel and extreme weather garments. Whether it’s a lightweight shirt, a heavy-duty logging jacket, a military tactical vest or a firefighter’s turnout coat we can help you select the right fastener for the job.

Operating temperature range: -70° F to 200° F (-56.7° C to 93.3° C)

  • Nylon Hook and Loop Fasteners: synthetic nylon yarn is suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to its versatility and durability.
  • Polyester Hook and Loop Fasteners: UV, chemical, and water resistant, makes these fasteners ideal for outdoors.
  • Quadralobal Mushroom Hook and Loop Fasteners: The polypropylene mushroom-shaped heads offer superior strength. These fasteners are best for applications requiring little to no cycling (opening and closing of the fastener).

Operating temperature range: -70° F to 350° F (-56.7° C to 176.7° C)

  • Hi-AIR® Hook and Loop is woven with aramid yarns, a synthetic yarn spun from strong, heat-resistant fibers. These fasteners meet a number of military and fire retardant specifications.

Operating temperature range: -40° F to 800° F (-40° C to 426.7° C)

  • Hi-GARDE® Hook and Loop Fastener is woven with 100% stainless steel yarns, is resistant to heat up to 800° F and can be sewn, welded, or applied with an adhesive.

Many of these fasteners have options for colors, sew-on or adhesive backing, fire retardant and military certified versions.

Gleicher representatives know and understand all the details of materials, bonding agents, heat, cold and moisture limits. Our representative will use a proprietary assessment tool to get all the details to make the right product for your industry.

Gleicher is an elite VELCRO® 'Preferred Converter' Distributor utilizing our rotaries, lasers and die cutting capabilities to expertly cut to size a wide variety of VELCRO® Brand materials.


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