Finally a Tape Primer that works on many surfaces!

Posted on Thu, Mar 02, 2017

The world of pressure sensitive tapes is not always ‘stick and go' with bond strength.  For example, there are many surfaces that are hard to bond to or difficult environments to be considered when selecting an industrial tape.   Assuming you selected the appropriate tape for your application for surface, force and environment, here are the next considerations on bond strength…

1. Is your surface clean from containments such as oil, dust and dirt?

2. Are you applying within the suggested temperature range, generally at above 50 F (10 C)?

 3. Are you applying with the suggested amount of pressure?

 4. Have you given the proper cure time to bond, commonly 24 hours for rubber and 72 hours for acrylic?

If you answered yes to these questions and still have bond issues, it is probably time to consider brushing on a quick-dry adhesive promoter, a ‘tape primer,’ to evaluate.  Primers can increase tape or adhesive strength on hard to bond surfaces.  They add a coating, and in some cases, can chemically change the substrate.  Primers can gap fill and seal surfaces, and sometimes they just provide a cleaner surface.
Gleicher can offer 3M primers for plastics, metals, glass, woods and granite. There are primers that work together with adhesives and different tape chemistries.  3M™ Tape Primer 94 is the industry standard, however, recently 3M introduced 2 new tape primers with lower VOC. 3M Tape Primer 94 family.jpg

Before purchasing a primer, be sure you have the best tape for the application, the substrate has been cleaned, you are applying the tape part correctly and you have let the tape cure properly to develop the bond.  Time, temperature and pressure all have an impact in the adhesive holding power. 

If you need to work with our industrial tape and primer expert, email Barry Santerre at   Barry can review your application to help you select an industrial tape, such as 3M™ VHB™ Tapes and/or the appropriate primer.

You can purchase the .66 mL ampules or pints of 3M™ Tape Primer 94 online at

Also, as a 3M distributor, Gleicher can offer larger sizes and quantities of the 3M tape primer product line.  Gleicher Manufacturing has been a family run business in New Jersey since 1949.  As certified Preferred Converters, we offer a wide variety of industrial tapes and fasteners that we can laminate and cut to size with our lasers, die presses and rotaries.  Contact us at or 908.233.2211 for more information or estimates.

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