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HELP ME Gleicher... with Discontinued Tapes or Discontinued Fasteners

Posted on Wed, Aug 24, 2016

-3M™ and VELCRO® discontinues manufacturing of industrial fastener, tape and adhesive products for many reasons -  changes in raw materials, environmental regulation, lack of sales, just to mention a few. When you cannot find the product you have used for years, Gleicher has a few suggestions...

Check Product Number Validity.   Is the product number valid? We experienced this with a 3M™ masking tape used by machine shops. For years it was 3M™ Double Coated Paper Tape 410, which held small parts in place during surface finishing.  3M™created a greener, more environmentally friendly tape, and the new product became “410M.”  We still get questions from machine shops who cannot find the double coated masking tape 410.  And by the way, the new greener 3M™ Double Coated Paper Tape 410M tape works great.  Again, be sure you’re looking for the latest product number and check for item number accuracy before you start your search.  On our web site we have set up two links that can help you: VELCRO® Brand Product Literature and 3M™ NSN Locator.


Work with a Trusted Supplier.  Many suppliers sell what they have in stock, have high minimums, long leads times or high prices for products they do not stock.  Often this is not the case so work with a Trusted Supplier.  Find converters that buy in log rolls and can sell tape by the inch like we do.


Compare Products.  If you still cannot find the product, it is time to compare data sheets for an alternative product.  Compare the most important features you need first, acrylic, rubber, silicone, conductive, thickness, temperature, hardness, chemistry, color, etc. and then ask for a sample.  Our customers have found sampling saves time and money by evaluating before committing to a larger amount.  It is "your proof of concept" where you can determine if you made the right selection for your product or application.  If in doubt, this is an excellent time to "Let's take a step back" as the president of Gleicher Manufacturing, Doug Sanderson likes to say!


Application Review.  During this "step back" period, it is a good idea to review your application and requirements.  This research can be done on your own or with our help.  Use our web site, email to request our "design guide" or call Gleicher Manufacturing at 908.233.2211 and ask for Manny and Barry, two very experienced former VELCRO® and 3M™ employees.  Also, video calls are available by appointment.


So if your industrial tape or fastener becomes unavailable, contact Gleicher… we can help you!  Since 1949, Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation, a family business in Scotch Plains, NJ, distributes, combines and cuts to size by die cutting and laser cutting a wide variety of industrial fasteners, tapes, foams, and films including VELCRO® Brand fasteners, 3M™ Dual Lock™ Fasteners, 3M™ VHB™, 3M™ Bumpon™, urethane PORON and silicone BISCO to meet your assembly requirements.  Contact us at for more information as we are ready to help you wherever you are at in your project - material selection to assembly ready part designs to timely delivery.

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